As a child, Victor Roman would receive art pieces by mail from his uncle. Each drawing was in pen but the surface would vary. Victor later discovered that his uncle was sending these from San Quentin State Prison. The drawings helped ground his uncle and keep him connected to life outside of prison throughout his long years of confinement. It was the beautiful craftsmanship and extreme detail of these pieces that inspired Victor’s love for art, and is echoed through the art Victor produces.
Victor Roman’s dedication for this craft drives him to sketch and paint from early morning late into the night. His passion has grown exponentially over the past 3 years while studying at Palomar College. His pieces invoke viewers to consider new perspectives, and challenge their perceptions.
Music is a large part of Victor’s life. Throughout the day he listens to a variety of music, but finds himself drawn to artists such as Aesop Rock, J. Cole and Led Zeppelin. Victor’s art is influenced by a variety of music from different parts of the world. When working, Victor likes to explore new unfamiliar genres from across the globe. He enjoys researching the area of origin, learning about indigenous traditions and new ways of life. The culturally diverse sounds inspire and stimulate his work. The art at presents a snapshot into Victor’s journey over the past 3 years. Each beautiful art piece is painted on wood; a craft taken on by few artists. If you have the opportunity to visit him in his studio, he will be happy to turn up the volume for you and introduce you to the sounds that inspire him.