ALI Sabet

“a way to release and escape the complexities of life”


Iranian-American Painter / Designer

I graduated from Cal State Fullerton in the field of Communications/Advertising in 1998 and quickly found myself in the world of big Advertising. My first job was working for Foote, Cone & Belding (FCB), one of the top advertising agencies in the world as an Art Director. It was an amazing experience. Soon after my ad shop days, I started my own branding agency, called Sabet Brands. I’ve had an amazing 20 years in creating wonderful brands for appreciative and conscious clients. I continue to converge my art world with my branding work!

Along side my branding agency, I’ve always painted. I was never concerned about learning how to paint particular things, it was just a way to release and escape the complexities of life. At first, it was about emotions such as angst and anxiety. As the years passed, my work transformed to expressing love, gratitude and source energy.  I love experimenting with different mediums and materials. I discovered that Japanese brushes and Sumi Ink was the core of what made my work the most fluid, explosive and expressive. This new medium allowed me to master continuous fluid motions with expressive strokes.  I’m always connected when I’m painting. My brushes and medium are extensions of my body and they allow the energy that flows to be expressed with passion and LOVE.  In 2016, I was invited to present my work at the Tokyo International Art Show, which was a transformative experience to my very core. It was also a confirmation of my innate connection to the land, culture and people of Japan as seen in my work.

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