Isabella Addison

powerful representational imagery and realism

Isabella Addison

Fine Artist // Animator // Muralist

Isabella Addison started her artistic journey in South Florida where she found a love for street art and painting. Now based out of Los Angeles, her work ranges from murals, fine art, digital art, and animations. Addison’s multifaceted artistic identity combines painting and digital art, creating a unique cyberpunk aesthetic surrounding the theory and repercussions of Technological Singularity; the idea that technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, leading to unforeseeable changes to human civilization. Her animation process takes a very similar approach by painting the backgrounds and using a digital process to animate her characters over them.  
She is currently creating a series of paintings and animations collectively entitled “Disco’s Dead ”. This project focuses on the destruction of the Earth due to the exponential growth of artificial intelligence and human inaction. The work is a commentary on present-day politics, consumer industry, environmental conservation, widespread drug addiction, and the growing use of social media found in Today’s society. Her intent is to draw awareness to these topics through her art by manifesting the dark-sided threat towards our planet if society continues to ignore the signs of climate change. 
Addison’s paintings employ powerful representational imagery and realism to evoke the narrative of her main subjects and abstracted mark-making for secondary visual elements. Her art continues to push forward in the NFT space as a way to construct a community-created and funded series. Isabella Addison will continue to experiment, combining physical and digital art to tell her stories and bring change.

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