Teddy Kelly is an artist and illustrator whose life and designs are the product of converging cultural influences. He grew up in Mazatlan, Mexico. He has been creating art since he could pick up a pen, drawing influence from both the Disney characters he’d see during childhood visits to the United States and his perspective of the immigrant-influenced culture of his hometown. Teddy Grew up immersed in the subculture of surfing and skateboarding, inspired from a young age by street art that defined this culture. Teddy moved to U.S. after high school in search of an education, and he was fortunate enough to find a mentor and friend who taught him how to conceptualize his ideas.

While attending San Diego City College, Teddy was awarded an honorable mention for Illustration by the American Institute of Graphic Arts. His work has been featured in international exhibitions alongside other icons who have inspired him to pursue his dreams.

Whether he’s designing the identity of a worldwide company or painting murals for personal projects, his inspiration comes from everyday life experiences. Teddy’s art portrays this perspective, and communicates his inspiration to others.

He lives by the mantra, “Follow the Bliss” and “Enjoy the Ride.”