Johnny ‘KMNDZ’ Rodriguez, a Los Angeles based artist and successful leader in the graphic design community, has collaborated with some of the world’s premier design agencies and top entertainment companies. Working with brands like MTV Networks, Universal Pictures, Microsoft, Lexus, Disney, and Activision, Johnny has built an impressive portfolio of both artistic and technological accomplishments in the world of graphic design and new media.

“The idea behind ‘KMNDZ’ is built upon the premise of reflection, hope, and a burning desire to live life to the fullest… Anyone who’s ever touched a Mac knows that the keystroke combination ‘command’ + ‘z’ = ‘undo.’ After using it day in and day out at work, I started wishing that I had an ‘undo’ action for everyday life. We’ve all done things that we wished we hadn’t and said things that we would like to take back…The messages are simple: love God, be honest with yourself, hold yourself accountable for your actions, never forget, and live your life fully without wishing to hit ‘KMNDZ.’”

Drawing from his own life, Johnny’s paintings are filled with memories of family, friends, religious undertones, and iconic elements.