LowCarbUSA™ Drink Recipe #1 – Bruto Juniper

We love finding ways to create healthier drink recipes so people can enjoy our Gluten Free and Organic Vodkas in the cleanest form possible. LowCarbUSA™ has offered us a new way to look at eating and drinking, while raising awareness of the positive benefits of a Low Carb lifestyle. Decoy Dockside (San Marcos, CA) Bar Manager, Zachary Heidrich joins us for 1 of his many tasty Low Carb drink recipes called the Bruto Juniper.

BRUTO JUNIPER (Bucket glass with orange peel, basil leaf, and buzz button flower)

.75 oz Botanist Gin
.75 oz Trust Me Gluten Free
.25 oz Bruto Americano
.75 oz Lemon Juice
2 BIG basil leaves

– Add all ingredients to tin and muddle the basil
– Shake and strain into a bucket glass over ice
– Garnish with an orange peel, basil leaf, and buzz button flower

photos: Equinox Photo

White Bullet Martini

Guest post by Veronica Culver, The Enchanted Cook

White Bullet

makes one martini

2 oz. Trust Me® Gluten Free Vodka

½ of a Bulletproof® Cold Brew Coffee (any flavor or pick the one with Collagen for an added boost of protein)

1/8 of a Bulletproof® Fudge Brownie Collagen Bar, crumbled

pinch of Himalayan pink salt

candy cane garnish (optional and not Bulletproof)


Fill a cocktail shaker half full of ice and add Trust Me® Gluten Free Vodka and Bulletproof® Cold Brew Coffee. Shake well, then strain into a martini glass. Add the Bulletproof® Fudge Brownie Collagen Bar crumbles to the top and a pinch of Himalayan pink salt and serve.


Optional: Add a candy cane garnish if you’re feeling extra festive, just remember the candy cane (sugar) isn’t Bulletproof.

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