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This article was produced in partnership with Trust Me Vodka
Mankind’s most impressive discoveries and innovations occur at the junction of seemingly disparate areas of human knowledge: biology and technology merge to produce the miracles of biotechnology; genetics and engineering have become inseparable, promising a brighter future. Examples abound, yet one alcohol producer has made a bold move to marry two surprisingly distant elements—spirits and art. Ernst Hemingway was famously quoted as saying “write drunk, edit sober.” Indeed, many famous writers imbibed to find inspiration for their written art. Trust Me Vodka, the producer of one of America’s premium vodka brands, draws inspiration from art. It’s literally displayed on each and every bottle, which in turn inspires those who drink it.
Getting noticed in the crowded alcohol market is not an easy task and requires ingenuity, talent, and a core idea capable of moving product to consumers. Visual attraction helps, of course. The spirit of creativity displayed by Trust Me Vodka manifests in truly distinctive branding with a whole story to tell on every bottle. Banksy made a name for himself by putting his art on concrete walls, pavements, and fences—and Trust Me Vodka uses its vodka bottles as a display for talented creators’ works of art.Since 2017, 15 artists have had the opportunity to create the art seen on each Trust Me Vodka bottle. Trust Me is constantly scouting for up-and-coming artists all over the world. In 2017, the first artist to commit their art was Jeff Soto—a budding artist known for his variation of Pop Surrealism and street art. No empty Trust Me bottle needs to be recycled since they’re also a genuine collectible item. Like postal stamps at the time of the stamp collector craze, each bottle is a limited series that stands a good chance of becoming a collectible item after each of their 20,000-bottle series is sold out. With art that varies from contemporary to modern to abstract, the Trust Me bottega is made up of multitalented artists.
At a time of overall food and drink sensitivity, producers have to cater to different dietary preferences, with alcoholic beverages being no exception. Trust Me Vodka comes in two kinds of spirits—organic vodka distilled from wheat, and vodka for gluten-sensitive drinkers made from a unique sort of Idaho-grown potatoes. Both beverages have distinctive smoothness and a crisp yet kick-free profile. In a bid to expand its range of premium beverages, Trust Me has recently launched a premier line of bottled cocktails that include the famed bloody Mary and sex on the beach, exotic kamikaze, and a pear-cucumber mix, among others. Trust Me mixologists do wonders, as the name would suggest.

The message in a bottle that Trust Me is sending is that of an uncompromised commitment to excellence through rare creativity. To learn more about Trust Me Vodka, visit their website or follow them on Instagram.

Clout News: Trust Me Vodka: Spirit Reborn

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Vodka’s history is controversial. Its invention is disputed by Russia and Poland, the Russians claiming they were the first to make it in the 12th century, the Poles dating its birth to the 9th century in what is today’s Poland. Vodka’s popularity in the U.S. started to steeply rise in the 1950s after one enterprising food and spirits distributor introduced the now-famous Moscow Mule cocktail made with vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer. The Mule triggered a vodka craze all over the US. Vodka now holds some 20% of the North American spirits market and amounted to about 30 billion USD in sales last year. During the pandemic, vodka sales soared by a further 14%.
In keeping with the trend of vodka’s growing popularity, in the last few years, Trust Me Vodka, the producer of ultra-premium vodka from Idaho, has reinvented the iconic drink giving it a second birth to become a leader in the ongoing premiumization of the spirits industry. They managed to make it stand out by combining a perfect form with an exquisite taste. Trust Me achieves the perfection of form by committing art to the glass, making every bottle a virtual chef-d’oeuvre. The company scouts for artists all over the world, and they may well fit with the centuries-old tradition of Venetian Murano glassmakers: so much soul and talent they contribute to the company cause. Since 2017, 15 artists have had the opportunity to create the art seen on each Trust Me Vodka bottle. Very few empty Trust Me bottles risk ending up in garbage bins: you don’t want to dump a piece of art.
Trust Me Vodka’s cause is in commitment to excellence both in form and in essence. The ultra-premium drink is made from organic Idaho wheat and the pure water coming from the peaks of the Teton Mountains right to the distillery. The water, which is the lynchpin of a good spirit, is further filtered through an organic rock—the best natural filter. For those who are gluten-sensitive, Trust Me offers vodka made from potatoes rather than grain. By artfully combining nature’s three essential elements—pure mountain water, wind power, and organic grain, or potatoes— the company produces what is rightfully the ultra-premium liquor that caters to the most demanding palate.
In tune with the stay-at-home theme and mindful of vodka’s perfect fit as a cocktail ingredient because of its neutral flavor, Trust Me recently rolled out a line of bottled vodka cocktails from the famed Bloody Mary to Sex on the Beach and many more. The rebirth of vodka performed by Trust Me through the combination of art, allegiance to uncompromised quality, and masterful use of nature’s gifts have already garnered the brand a healthy—and growing— following. To learn about the brand’s line of products and its plans for the future, visit their website or follow them on Instagram.
-Deborah Blum


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For years, industry insiders have been the gatekeepers of the coveted swag bags of Hollywood award shows. Last year, Forbes reported that the 2020 Oscars gift bag alone was worth a whopping $225,000. But what makes one of these goodie bags so enviable? Its high-end contents, of course. Curated by elite Hollywood product-placement marketing companies, award show swag bags are often the measuring stick for what’s hot on the market. Though the products and offerings vary from year to year, one new addition has made its way into the sought-after goodie bags this year and last. Known for their premium quality vodka and their unrelenting passion for the arts, Trust Me vodka has been recognized twice in the last two years between the Oscars and Grammy gift bags.
Known as the spirit of creativity, Trust Me is an American-made vodka that emphasizes the importance of the expression of arts and creativity. With every 20,000-bottle series they produce, the company features the art of a carefully selected artist on their bottle. This year for the Grammy’s bottle, it was Lydia Fenwick whose ethereal illustrations “capture the connection between humanity and nature.” The high-end vodka was additionally shrouded with edible 24-karat gold flake, delivering the utmost luxurious vodka-drinking experience to the stars.
But at their core, Trust Me’s brand identity goes hand-in-hand with the artists and talent that make up the Oscars and the Grammys. With their unapologetic passion for showcasing artistry through the unlikely vehicle of a bottle of premium vodka, they have set out to create and promote art in the most unassuming way. Standing in solidarity with the musicians and artists of the Grammys this year, Trust Me’s contribution to the swag bag included a message that speaks to many musicians’ ideals, “In music we trust.”
Offering both an organic as well as a gluten free option, Trust Me vodka is made from 100% clean ingredients here in the United States. Whether you’re feeling the smooth and sweet finish of the gluten free or the clean and crisp profile of their organic vodka, the quality that goes into each variation speaks to any vodka connoisseur. In addition, in line with the stay-at-home theme of the pandemic and 2020, Trust Me recently developed a delectable line of ready-to-drink bottled vodka cocktails in flavors ranging from Bloody Mary, Sex on the Beach, and more.
Celebrating both the arts and the art of drinking vodka, Trust Me vodka delivers an unrivaled experience on all fronts. To learn more about Trust Me Vodka, visit their website or follow them on Instagram.


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Written By: Thomas Herd

While most vodka brands on the market are known, frankly for being either good or bad, one ultra-premium American-made brand of vodka isn’t just known for being exceptionally good, but also for their spirit of creativity. With eye-catching art on their bottles and a commitment to sharing creativity and their passion for the arts, Trust Me Vodka has been classed as a top-tier liquor with distinctive branding that tells a story in every bottle.
Possessing an affinity for both superior vodka as well as art and the platform to express one’s creativity, Trust Me saw the opportunity to create a premier brand of vodka that could serve as a unique vehicle for showcasing the talented craftsmanship of global artists. Since 2017, Trust Me has given 15 artists the opportunity to create the art seen behind each bottle. As they relish the chance to give up-and-coming artists and talent the opportunity to showcase their work, Trust Me is constantly looking for hidden and rising artists all over the country. In 2017, their very first artist to grace their bottles was Jeff Soto, an emerging artist known for his variation of Pop Surrealism and street art.
With a new and perhaps unconventional canvas in the form of a bottle, artists are given the platform to display their art through Trust Me. But what makes each piece of art so special is that every bottle is part of a limited series that will become collectable even after each of their 20,000-bottle series are completed. For vodka-drinking art enthusiasts, Trust Me offers a beautiful piece of art to display in their bars at home. With art that varies from contemporary, modern, abstract and more, the Trust Me arsenal is made up of varied and deeply talented artists. As true patrons of the arts, the vodka company is additionally looking to expand into sharing other variations of art beyond just visual arts, with an interest in fashion, film, music and more.
And then, there’s the vodka. For the upper echelon of true vodka connoisseurs, Trust Me delivers two unparalleled spirits— their organic vodka, made from wheat and their gluten free vodka made from the finest Idaho potatoes. Made from 100% clean ingredients, Trust Me’s farm-to-bottle gluten free finish is smooth and subtly sweet, while their organic vodka is known for its clean and crisp profile without the harsh kick. In addition to their trademark organic and gluten free vodkas, Trust Me has recently launched a premier line of bottled cocktails made from their premium vodka. Whether you’re a Bloody Mary person or more of the fruity Sex on the Beach type, the Trust Me bottled cocktail line has something for everyone. And with bars and restaurants closed in the last year as a result of the pandemic, their bottled cocktails have been perfect for those itching for a cocktail that tastes like it was crafted by a mixologist right in their home.
With an unbridled commitment to promoting and celebrating creativity through their premium brand of vodka, Trust Me continues to transcend the standard of any spirits company producing art in your bottle and art in your glass.

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