Santa Claus

Professional Cookie Eater

“Soon would be Christmas, and all through the houseNot a creature was stirring, not even Nick’s spouse.Tools were laid out, some here and some there,He grabbed his sketchbook and pulled up a chair.With elves in their beds and cookies on stack,He looked at designs that sat on his lap.

Scratching his head but laughing with cheer,

He started to stress, cause his deadline was near.He crumpled up papers and made such a clatter,A nice little drink is all that would matter.He reached in his bag, stressed to the max,Cause even Santa, needs to relax.Starring into the bottle, his brain became clear,Santa hats perched upon his favorite reindeer.He sketched and he colored, so lively and quick,But fear set in, not knowing what drawing they’d pick.He jumped to his feet and slammed down his fist,Never have we seen Santa this pissed.The bottles trembled and milk was spilt,He scurried for towels, heavy with guilt.As he picked up the vodka.. “What do we have here?!!”Another Christmas miracle seemed to appear.A huge smile grew on his face,Santa created a masterpiece you could never replace.Oh, what A gift it will be,Signed and sealed from Santa and Trust Me. “

Trust Me Vodka
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