Donny Gillies

exploring and enjoying the journey through retro pop trash”


Artist // Designer

“Explore and enjoy the journey through retro pop trash.”


Artist “Dirty” Donny Gillies takes you on a psychedelic trip back in time to the glory days of Pinball, Hot Rods, Records, and Old School Skate. A native of Ottawa, Canada, Gillies was lured to San Francisco by the Masters of Metal. He became the artist to “Metallica” — bringing an ethereal vibe to their rehearsal space and creating everything from murals to T-shirts to guitars. He was later tapped by Stern Pinball to turn game machines into fluorescent fantasies. Gillies gritty “backline” style has always been a nostalgic nod to his 80’s upbringing. It’s all hand-drawn, ink on paper with a brush and art pens, with a cartoon twist. Gillies is now known as one of the most influential artists to invade the underground pop culture scene. These days you’ll find Gillies in his Palm Desert studio designing art for skate decks, racing helmets, shoes, and more. There isn’t anything he wouldn’t paint on.

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