Major Market: Support Small Business

Small Business Saturday is a great time to look around at the numerous places right in your backyard that you might have passed up for the more well known shopping chains. There’s nothing better than the feeling you get when you walk into a place like Major Market. Old Fashioned customer service, from the moment you step foot through the door. Friendly faces and local offerings in every department. We are excited to support businesses like Major Market and hope that you too can show support not only today but every time you shop!


1855 S Centre City Pkwy, Escondido, CA

845 S Main Ave, Fallbrook, CA

White Sage Elixir Martini

This holiday season, we’ve partnered with Veronica Culver, Founder at The Enchanted Cook. Veronica is a Bulletproof® Ambassador and a food and fitness blogger who is always looking to optimize her daily life. This week Veronica created several holiday-themed vodka cocktails that are also Bulletproof Diet friendly so you can stay on plan and hopefully hangover free throughout the holidays. Drinking alcohol is not technically “Bulletproof”, however if you are going to drink, you’ll want to minimize the negative effects you get from a typical cocktail that is most likely a sugar/carb/gluten bomb – a recipe for hangovers and weight gain. You might also want to leverage this alcohol guide published by Bulletproof. I personally swear by their Bulletproof Coconut Charcoal and always carry it with me. The first recipe is this White Sage Elixir Martini. It’s mildly sweet despite not having any added sugar – thanks to the addition of Bulletproof FATWater infused with B vitamins and Brain Octane. The blood orange falls in the “suspect” or yellow zone of the Bulletproof Diet Roadmap. There is only a small amount (juice of 1/2 an orange, or approximately 1 ounce) in this drink however, please be aware in case you are sensitive to oranges. The fresh sage adds a dimension that doesn’t overpower yet is noticeable in just the right way. And let’s face it, this cocktail is stunning to look at. Impress your friends with this craft cocktail that is actually very easy to make. Fancy ice cube optional. White Sage Elixir Martini makes one cocktail 2 oz. Trust Me Gluten Free Vodka ½ of a blood orange, freshly squeezed (or 1/2 of a medium size orange, if blood oranges aren’t in season) ½ of a lime, freshly squeezed Bulletproof Mango FATWater (or your favorite FATWater flavor) to top it off leaf of fresh white sage (or regular sage) pomegranate arils/seeds (optional) Fill a cocktail shaker half full of ice and add Trust Me Gluten Free Vodka, blood orange juice and lime juice. Shake well, then strain into an ice-filled rocks glass that has been rimmed with fresh sage (just rub the rim of the glass with the sage). Smack the sage between your palms to release more of its aromatic oils, then place the leaf in the cocktail. Top off with FATWater. FATWater is delicious and adds just the right amount of sweetness to this cocktail without adding any sugar. It’s also infused with Brain Octane oil and B vitamins to help keep you hydrated and hangover free. Optional: Add a teaspoon or so of pomegranate arils to the cocktail for a splash of red color. You may also consume the arils which are a source of vitamins, like vitamin K and C, and polyphenols. Optional: For an extra special presentation, use a fancy ice cube like the round one pictured and float the sage leaf on top before serving.

Red Bull Soapbox Race

Seems like a good idea for the first 150 ft. Seems like a good idea for the first 150 ft. Red Bull does not disappoint when it comes to mixing fun with a heavy dose of crazy. The infamous Soapbox Races returned to Elysian Park in Los Angeles, California on Sunday. After a six-year hiatus crowds lined the streets to watch adrenaline junkies race non-motorized soapboxes through sharp chicanes, corners and jumps in hopes of even reaching the finish line. The VIP area was very colorful with the new James Haunt artist bottles. The VIP area was very colorful with the new James Haunt artist bottles. For those watching from the sidelines, Trust Me Vodka had the privilege of supplying ice cold cocktails for Sunday Funday. While 70 hand selected entries waited their turn to blast the downhill, our own James Haunt debuted his new bottles while doing some live painting that fit the race scene perfectly and kept the VIPs cool and happy.

James Haunt and Trust Me Vodka takeover Carlsbad

Trust Me Vodka and LA based artist James Haunt recently got together to brainstorm on how to introduce our newest bottle art, starting in our own backyard. Beautiful beaches, weather and women all seem to be the standard in this sunny Southern California beach town. As summer winds down we realized it’s never too late to add our own touch of beauty to a city that seems to celebrate summer year round. In nearly 12 hours James Haunt and a small team of friends got together to give the town a facelift on 2 of Carlsbad Village’s most visible locations. The added color and beauty is something you can’t miss and is worth the trip to see with your own eyes. We predict a social media spike for anyone that jumps in front of these for their next selfie. Enjoy a behind the scenes look at the process with our newest artist James Haunt.