Trust Me Vodka supports visual artists by allowing a total takeover of our bottles, offering them a wide-ranging commercial canvas. It’s our thought that vodka may be colorless, but the bottles don’t have to be. Our first collaboration, launched with our brand in 2016, was with our friend Jeff Soto, a contemporary artist from Riverside, California. For 2017, we’ve partnered with James Haunt, a young street artist from L.A. who created original art for our bottles. 


EMEK x is a designer, illustrator and fine art painter. Famously penned “The Thinking Man’s Poster Artist” by punk- rock singer Henry Rollins while working on his album cover for A Rollins in the Wry. Emek’s style, known for its attention to detail and layers of meaning, infuses socio-political commentary into pop culture imagery. All of Emek’s artwork is originally hand-drawn and then hand-silkscreened for each actual concert or event, usually in limited editions of around 300.

Emeks’ art has appeared in films, galleries, and walls of fans and venues worldwide. Over the last decade, Emek’s work has been shown in galleries across the United States, in Berlin, London and Tokyo. He has painted album covers and posters for Neil Young, Pearl Jam, Radiohead, Queens of the Stone Age, SoundGarden, Black Crowes, Beck as well as for many popular musicians and alternative bands, notably for singer/ songwriter Erykah Badu. You might even recognize his trademark style featured on numerous Coachella posters over the years. Trust Me Vodka has now released it’s Organic and Gluten free collector bottles, featuring Emek’s peaceful robots holding hands and bringing the two together to make one beautiful piece of art.

Tara McPherson

Tara McPherson is an American artist based out of New York City. Named the crown princess of poster art by ELLE Magazine, she has created numerous gig posters for rock bands such as Beck, Modest Mouse, and Mastodon. Her paintings consist of primarily females inspired by mythology, science and nature.Tara’s art is featured in gallery exhibitions and museums and can be easily found at her Cotton Candy Machine, located in NY. Specializing in limited edition art prints, posters, apparel, books, toys and more by Tara and select contemporary artists.


James Haunt

James Haunt was raised in Los Angeles, where he became interested in art through comic books, graphic novels and pop culture. As Haunt evolved as an artist, he got into the graffiti scene, using spray cans as his media and cityscapes as his canvas. Haunt grew as an artist and brands within the action sports industry took notice, offering him a legitimate forum for his art. He’s created murals for Red Bull, Big Bear Resort, Porsche, Hotel Erwin, Chris Brown, Electric Eyewear and at numerous locations in the Los Angeles and Palm Springs areas. For his collaboration with Trust Me Vodka, Haunt chose a bright, summery theme to coincide with the summer launch. 


Jeff Soto

Jeff Soto is an American contemporary artist. His distinct color palette, subject matter and technique bridge the gap between Pop Surrealism and Street Art. Jeff’s bold, organic style is a natural complement to the Trust Me brand. Trust Me Vodka is proud to present Jeff Soto’s art “Crescent Moon” and “Full Moon” on our Gluten Free and Organic Vodkas.

Trust Me Vodka Artist Series Jeff Soto 
Trust Me Vodka Artist Series Jeff Soto